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Matnat Desert Farm – Farm Tours

To work in the terraced fields and to grow medicinal herbs is a dream come true for Lilach and Gabi at their Matnat desert farm which is located on an ancient agricultural site that still produces medicinal herbs using ancient agricultural secrets close to a dry river bed – Nahal Heiman

Matnat Desert Farm on the ancient
Nabatean Incense Route is part of a project
.of individual farms spaced along the Wine Route in the Negev Highlands
Come and listen to the fascinating story behind these remote farms
.The Vision and its Realization
,Come and enjoy the intoxicating aroma of the perfumed flora, the gorgeous purple of the flowering saffron crocus source of the highly valued spice – saffron
You can see the splendid flowering of saffron on our farm
.in November – a carpet of purple flowers
Each crocus has an orange stigma peeking out – the
.source of the most expensive spice in the world
.Guided tours of the flowering must be ordered in advance
(What We Offer (by pre-arrangement only
A Walking Tour

We start at the Khan – a desert inn
built of local stone, with a cup of herbal tea and cake where we begin our tale of a pioneering Negev farm
Then we take a short walk along Nahal Heiman to experience the world of the desert, returning to the Khan by way of
an agricultural area and through rows
of the farm's perfumed flower beds

Tailored for Organized Groups only

סיור בחוות מתנת מדבר

Matnat Desert Farm – Lodgings

The air-conditioned units are located at a distance from the and the family home; facing the virgin desert landscape they insure privacy and quiet
You can sit comfortably on cushions and mattresses before the dancing flames of the wood burning stove and enjoy the generous space
for all The lodgings are all decorated with hand made wood carvings and wrought iron and copper work
The larger units have windows with a stunning desert view of the rocky ridge and the dry river bed of Nahal Heiman
.which is within easy walking distance
The units have a bathroom with a luxurious shower tiled with pebbles from the Nahal, a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, a romantic corner for the parents and lots of space for the children
There are horses on the farm and an abundance of the desert's magic.
You will be made most welcome

קמין עצים צימר משפחתי לבנדר חוות מתנת מדבר

Matnat Desert Farm – The Khan

The farm boast a Khan for entertaining and overnight accommodations arrangement ,Our guests are invited to enjoy The warmth of Khan's two large wrought iron fire places.The well supplied fireplaces insure a pleasant visit during cold winter days
In the evening the lighting is soft and romantic
The Khan is furnished with mattresses and cushions.
The bathrooms and showers are well – appointed.
The central kitchen is convenient and fully equipped Convenient Adjacent Parking Area.

חאן במדבר לקבוצות מסיבות רווקים חוות מתנת מדבר

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